Thinking about adding a German Shepherd to your family? This short guide covers all you need to know about finding and choosing your next best friend.

This little book is packed with tips for adopting your German Shepherd Dog, and covers breeders, pet stores, rescues and shelters; traits to look for in your potential GSD; 10 questions you must ask ANY German Shepherd breeder you are considering purchasing a puppy from; and more!

Table of Contents

  • Do I Want a Purebred German Shepherd Puppy?
  • Pet Store Puppies
  • What the pet stores tell you
  • Finding a reputable pet store
  • Adopting from a pet store
  • How To Find A Responsible German Shepherd Breeder
  • Questions you should ask a German Shepherd breeder
  • Where to find breeders
  • What’s involved in breeding German Shepherds?
  • The German Shepherd breed standard
  • Hip screening for GSDs
  • Adopting A German Shepherd From A Shelter Or Rescue
  • Where do the dogs in rescue come from?
  • What should you ask the German Shepherd rescue?
  • Shelter adoptions
  • Additional resources
  • Appendix: What does a good puppy contract include?
Table of Contents

There is no cost to download this guide, it is free for your personal use! Download it today and start the search for your German Shepherd!

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