Does your German Shepherd need calm training for dogs?

Basic Manners: Calm training for dogs is an easy-to-follow, expert solution to a German Shepherd that pulls on leash, barks at other dogs on walks, or that simply has trouble paying attention to commands.

Is your German Shepherd “wild”?
Do you have a hard time getting your dog to settle indoors?
Does your dog ignore you on walks?

The four lessons in this course, practiced regularly, will help you gain control over your dog, and they are fun to train! No pulling, yanking, yelling, pinching or nagging is required.

This fun, easy-to-follow class is designed to help you succeed with your German Shepherd, at home and in real life. The curriculum includes easy-to-follow instructions with video examples. The class is ideal for German Shepherds puppies and adults who haven’t yet been trained, or who need a solid foundation for more advanced training. This four-lesson course takes you and your dog through basic manners training at your own pace. It also includes a free bonus lesson for GSDs who pull on leash!

Enroll in our Basic Manners course! Join us in the Basic Manners dog training course and teach your GSD to be calm.

Skills covered:

  • Keep paws and mouth off people
  • Settle in new or unfamiliar locations
  • Walk quietly past distractions on-leash
  • Basic grooming and handling techniques
  • Games for obedience and control

Enroll in the Basic Manners: Calm training for dogs course now

What you’ll learn:

  • Useful obedience commands: Settle, come when called, heel position
  • Teaching your dog to be calm and content in the vet’s office or groomer’s.
  • Skills to create a dog who is polite with visitors and strangers
  • Training your dog to walk well on a leash without pulling
  • Avoiding common training pitfalls, so you get the most from your time with your dog

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