When to seek help with your dog

German Shepherds are amazing dogs, and typically biddable (making them easy to train) and smart (making them quick to learn). However, this doesn’t mean your dog fits the mold, or even if she does, that you’ll always have a smooth relationship. Most folks who get a German Shepherd either know of or used to have […]

There’s Money In Dogs… Well, Sort Of

Let’s talk currency: Dog currency. Dog currency is different from people currency. Dog currency is all about roast beef, interesting/gross smells, interesting/gross tastes, brain-hijacking sights (people, other dogs, cats, will-i-have-a-coronary-barking-at-this-squirrel) and the like. Your German Shepherd is no dummy; far from it. German Shepherds may be better than some other breeds at tuning into your […]

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